Elizabeth Community Association

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Everything you want to know about joining the ECA

Who can join? Anyone who lives or works in the Elizabeth neighborhood

Is the ECA a Homeowners Association (HOA)?
No the ECA is not an HOA, thus membership is not required. The ECA instead depends on volunteers and fundraising activities in order to fulfill its purpose.

Why should I join the ECA?
To maintain the ECA as a strong liaison between our neighborhood and the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, other neighborhoods, businesses, developers, and other entities with interest in our community.

Support the beautification of common areas.

Invitation to social events held annually

Support the quarterly ECA Newsletter, ECA website, ECA social networks, and other communications meant to educate and foster community interaction within Elizabeth.

Do you have to renew your membership every year? Yes. Membership must be renewed each calendar year

I am a renter, can I still join the ECA? Yes! Anyone who lives in Elizabeth is eligible to join the ECA

I joined the ECA last year. Do I need to join again? Yes, you must renew your membership every calendar year.

I thought ECA Membership expired each August? This is a change for 2022. Membership term is changing to match the calendar year starting in 2022.

I live in an apartment, can I join the ECA? Yes! If you live in Elizabeth, you can join the ECA

What does it cost? Household Membership is $30.

I am a Senior, is there a discount? Yes! Senior Membership is $15